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*CINDERELLA is the name of the ballet which is the first half of the show and includes ALL ballet and pointe classes.

*#HSD2019 is the name of the second half of the show and includes ALL jazz, tap, modern, hip hop, acro, and musical theater classes as well as Ensemble and Dance Arts.


Do not wear costumes to (or in) the theater.  Please bring them on a hanger and be sure to label all items, including shoes.  No one should be in the audience in their costume!
TIGHTS:  All ballet classes will wear pink tights.  All tap and jazz classes will wear footed tan tights.  All modern, acro, hip hop, and musical theater classes will wear convertible or footless tan tights. PLEASE DO NOT WEAR UNDERWEAR WITH YOUR TIGHTS!  Tights are designed to be worn as an undergarment and therefore do not require underwear to be worn. 
RENTAL COSTUMES: Rental costumes will be available at the theater and should be left there after each rehearsal and performance. Do not take the rental costumes or props home!  You will be required to check out your rental costumes and props upon arrival to the theater.  Further, all rental costumes and props will be required to be checked back in at the end of rehearsal and the performance.  If you do not check your costume or prop back in at the theater, you will be charged for the full price of the costume or prop.


HAIR: Ballet students must wear their hair in a bun.  NO BANGS!  All other students must wear a bun, ponytail, french braid, or other style that is pulled back and secured.
MAKE-UP: Stage make-up is to be worn at your discretion.  We recommend at least light blush and lipstick for our younger dancers.   Older dancers may use their own judgment.


Anyone interested in volunteering to help backstage or with other aspects of the recital are asked to contact their dance teacher or Hayley for further information.  We greatly appreciate the help of everyone to make this performance a success.


Students must respect other students’ space and property.  Please do not touch items, costumes, or props that are not yours!  No food or drink except water is allowed in the dressing rooms or backstage.  When dancers are not on stage, they must remain in their designated area.  There is a lot of backstage activity in a limited space so we ask that you keep the backstage area as clear as possible.


TECH REHEARSAL: All dancers will sit in the audience and will be called on the stage when it is their time to dance. 
TECH REHEARSAL – #HSD2019: Dancers may leave after their last dance and are NOT required to stay until the end of the rehearsal. 
ARRIVAL TIMES: Below are arrival times for the Dress Rehearsal and Performances.  *If you are only in #HSD2019 please arrive to the theater at the below listed call times but do not report back to your dressing room until intermission.  You may wait in the lobby or watch from the audience.

Dress Rehearsal – Friday, June 14th

            Show A – Cinderella                           Call Time is 1:15 pm

            Show A – #HSD2019                           Call Time is 2:30 pm

            Show B – Cinderella                           Call Time is 5:15 pm

            Show B – #HSD2019                           Call Time is 6:30 pm

 Performance – Saturday, June 15th

            Show A – Cinderella                           Call Time is 1:15 pm

            Show A – #HSD2019                           Call Time is 2:30 pm

            Show B – Cinderella                           Call Time is 6:15 pm

            Show B – #HSD2019                           Call Time is 7:30 pm

*What does Call Time mean? 

Call Time is what time you should arrive to the theater, be in your dressing room, and BE READY TO GO! 

WARM UP CLASS: There will be a warm up class offered on the stage before each performance.   This class is for dancers at an intermediate to advanced level.  The warm up class for Show A will be at 12:30 pm.  The warm up class for Show B will be at 5:45 pm.

ALL DANCERS SHOULD ENTER AND LEAVE THROUGH THE BACKSTAGE DOORS ONLY!!!!  All dancers should be dropped off and picked up at the backstage doors.  Backstage volunteers will direct them to their dressing rooms.  We ask that no one other than our volunteers and the dancers be backstage at any time.  This is for the safety of the dancers as well as safety in the backstage area.  Once you have dropped your dancer off you may enter through the lobby of the theater.


Each family will get 4 tickets which can be picked up in the lobby of the theater during Tech or Dress Rehearsal.  Additional tickets are available at the studio or the theater for $10.00 each.  There is no reserved seating.  Audience members must enter through the lobby of the theater once the doors have been opened.  Please let us know upon your arrival if you have someone that needs special assistance and we will seat them as soon as possible.  Otherwise, no one will be allowed in the theater until the doors have opened.  Doors will open 30 minutes before the performance.


No photography or videotaping of any kind will be allowed during the performance! Not only is it harmful to the dancers but cameras and video recorders obstruct the view of others who are there to watch the performance.  If you are taking pictures and/or video during the performance you will be asked to leave. 

Can I videotape the recital?

You may only videotape the dress rehearsal. Nearly every studio implements this same policy. Let us explain why:

Safety of the dancers: Both physically and preventing exploitation. We want to be able to control who tapes your child. There have been problems at venues where someone was taping or photographing students, and to be blunt – should not have been.

The enjoyment of those around you: No one wants to try to look around someone else who is blocking the stage to “get that good shot.”

Many studios do not even allow taping of the dress rehearsal, however, we feel that:

During the dress rehearsal, we can monitor who is taping your child.

You can stand up and move around, not worrying about blocking someone.

If a child got distracted or caught a flash in the eye, and his/her safety was an issue, we could stop the dance.

We do hire a professional to come and video the recital and sell copies to you at the lowest cost we can.